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With so many different websites offering diamonds and jewelry for sale, we decided to do the detective work for you.

Our Spring 2015 Edition of Max's Guide to Online Diamond Jewelry Retailers reviews all the leading online diamond retailers. Read it today!

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Learn About Diamonds

Buying a diamond is a major purchase. You need to know before you buy. If this is your first time buying a diamond, Max's Diamond Price Guide's Learn About Diamonds education section can help you understand all about the characteristics of a diamond and how they affect a diamond’s value. We provide you all of the information you need about Carat Weight, Color Grade, Cut Grade, Clarity Grade, Shapes, Certification and more, so that you can make an informed buying decision.

What is the Color Grade of a diamond and how does it affect value?

Color in diamonds most often appears as a pale yellow or slightly brown hue. The yellow color is due to the presence of trace amounts of nitrogen in the diamond. Strong yellow or vividly yellow diamonds are regarded as Fancy colored diamonds, which are rare and can be very valuable.

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What is the Clarity Grade of a diamond and how does it affect value?

Gem-quality diamonds are evaluated and graded by their clarity, the absence of naturally occurring internal flaws, called Inclusions, and external flaws, called Blemishes. Inclusions and Blemishes, whether visible to the naked eye or only under a 10X microscope, can interfere with...

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What is the Cut Grade of a diamond and how does it affect value?

A diamond can be of the best Clarity and Color grades, but if its Cut Grade is poor, the diamond will not be the beautiful gem you will want to buy. The "cut" of a diamond can refer to its shape (round, oval, emerald, etc.) or to the quality of how well it was cut and polished.

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