Max's Diamond Price Guide is working to bring you the tools and information you need to find the right diamond at the right price. Here are some tools you may find useful:

RealMarket Value Search Tool

This is the tool you need to make sure the price is right. Our editors verify and update prices weekly to give you useful, relevant market pricing information, accessible free on Enter a diamond Shape, Carat Weight, Color Grade, Clarity Grade, and Cut Grade and get a free RealMarket Value report for the diamond. Avaialble values include Suggested Retail Price - In Store, Suggested Retail Price - Internet, Private Party Transaction Price, and the Sell to Jeweler Price. Values are updated weekly.

Find a Local Jeweler

Search for a local jeweler in your area using this GOOGLE MAP search tool.

Diamond Carat Weight - Gram to Carat Converter

Quickly convert grams to Carat Weight using this calculator.

Currency Converter

While diamond values are usually quoted in US Dollars, retail prices are often set in local currency. Use this powerful currency conversion tool to calculate prices in a foreign currency.

Diamond Carat Weight Estimator

Enter a diamond's measurements and calculate the approximate weight of the diamond.